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338 Lap Mag RUAG Swiss P Subsonic Sniper Ammunition

RUAG Ammotec

Snipers’ ammunition .338 Lap Mag RUAG Swiss P Subsonic

Thun, 07.01.2013. The RUAG Swiss P line of products gets an addition. RUAG Ammotec launches a newly developed subsonic ammunition individually adapted to different weapon types, especially for snipers. Particular attention is paid to the barrel length and length of twist to achieve optimal ballistics and perfect precision.

In the last years the spectrum of operations for special units and task forces has changed time and again. The enquiries and close cooperation with customers eventually prompted RUAG Ammotec to expand its SWISS P range by the new .338 LM / 8.6×70 Swiss P Subsonic. Unique about this new product is that filling of the cartridge and bullet configuration are individually matched to the weapon system concerned.


.338 LM individually adapted to weapon systems

The extra benefit for the sniper is obvious: This subsonic ammunition of RUAG Ammotec suits the weapon outstandingly well because the bullet mass is exactly matched to the weapon’s barrel type, length and twist. The perfect cartridge configuration for the particular weapon specification. The new ammunition thus guarantees an impeccable and exceptionally good weapon function. A further plus is that all cartridges meet the military requirements. They are sealed, watertight and temperature-stable. Snipers and special forces can rely on the outstanding target precision and the extraordinary effect in the target even under more difficult conditions such as high temperature fluctuations, severe environmental influences and long interventions. The maximum operative range of the .338 LM / 8.6×70 Swiss P Subsonic is 300m. The product ensures small velocity spans in both temperature band (cold-warm) and „inclined“ shooting (upwards/downwards).

RUAG offers already three subsonic cartridges in the calibre .308 Win. In the case of the bigger calibre .338 LM / 8.6×70 Swiss P Subsonic suitably different and heavier projectile masses are filled in view of the varying weapon specifications of the snipers’ rifles. This means that the effective bullet energy in the target is clearly higher than with cartridges of calibre .308 Win.

Dr. Peter Spatz, Head of Development / Technology comments in this context: “In the area of Research & Development the specific fillings enabled us to also achieve a better charge ratio and a longer trajectory thanks to the smaller velocity decrease of the heavier bullets. This is a genuine plus for the customer “.

In future RUAG Ammotec will increasingly develop individual solutions and products tailored to satisfy the customers’ requirements.

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