Jan 15

Traditions Adds New Bullets to Lineup

Traditions Performance Firearms


Old Saybrook, CT (January, 2018) – (AmmunitionVault.com) – Traditions™ is excited to introduce for 2018 three new bullet lines within their SMACKDOWN™ series.

The SMACKDOWN™ BLEED™ bullet is a 170grain bullet with a hollow point tip that delivers terminal damage upon impact. This lighter bullet lowers recoil and increases velocities making it perfect for maximum performance.

Traditions Smackdown Bullets

The SMACKDOWN™ CARNIVORE™ series is available in 250 grain, 275 grain, or 305 grain bullets. The polycarbonate tip provides bullet stability and maximizes expansion. These bullets are flatter shooting and provide precision accuracy.

The SMACKDOWN™ XR™ series is for long distance shooters who demand a bullet that can go the distance. Available in 200 grain, 230 grain, or 250 grain, this series also has the polycarbonate tip which ensures devastating performance at all ranges. This bullet is perfect for where long distance is crucial.

These new bullets all come with Traditions NEW Ridgeback™ Sabot. This sabot has horizontal ribbing and a deeper cut providing a better gas seal, easier loading, and improved accuracy.

Stop by Traditions™ SHOT SHOW Booth # 16532 to check out the new line of SMACKDOWN™ Bullets!

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