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Apr 04

Lucky Gunner In-Stock Ammo Specials

Lucky Gunner has announced their latest in-stock ammo specials, including rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition. All sale prices are good through April 5, 2016. To take advantage of this ammunition sale, visit Lucky Gunner!  

Nov 17

Ulyanovsk 7.62×39 8HP Hollow Point

The Ammo Channel performs a gel penetration ballistic test of Ulyanovsk 7.62×39 8HP Hollow Point (L.C.B.) ammunition. The test rifle is a Romanian WASR-10 AK.  

Aug 05

Golden Bear 7.62×39 Soft Point Expansion

The Ammo Channel performs an ballistic gel expansion test of Golden Bear 7.62×39 Soft Point ammo.