Dec 08

Federal Handgun Ammo Rebate

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Visit Lucky Gunner to take advantage of their Federal Handgun Ammo rebates! During this promo, get a $1 rebate for every 50 rounds of Federal, Blazer Brass, American Eagle, Speer, and Independence 9mm ammo you purchase, and a $2 rebate for every 50 rounds of all other centerfire handgun calibers. That knocks $20 off every 1000 round case of 9mm you buy, and $40 off per case of 45 ACP, 40 S&W, 380, 38 Special and all other handgun calibers!

This rebate has a max of $400 of savings and runs from 12/3/2018 through 3/31/2019! You must purchase at least 250 rounds of ammunition to qualify.

Visit Lucky Gunner Now