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Jul 19

CCI and Ruger 70th Anniversary Commemorative Target Load

CCI Ammunition and Ruger are proud to announce that they have introduced a commemorative Ruger 70th Anniversary 22 LR target load.

May 24

8x22mm Ammunition for Type 94 and 14 Nambu Pistol from Steinel Ammunition

The Type 94 Nambu pistol is a popular choice. Now, Steinel Ammunition has developed a new round specifically for the Type 94 and Type 14 Nambu pistols.

May 13

Steinel Ammunition Contract for Inceptor ARX Bullets

Steinel Ammunition is pleased to announce their partnership with one of the largest ammunition makers to provide rounds of their Inceptor ARX projectiles.

May 04

Blazer Ammunition 9mm Luger Load for Realistic Practice

Blazer Ammunition has expanded its selection of range ammunition with a 147-grain 9mm Luger Blazer Brass load designed for realistic high-volume training.

Mar 07

Federal Makes Practice Powerful with Syntech Training Match

Federal introduces Syntech Training Match, loads designed to make the handgun training more realistic than before. Shipments have been delivered to dealers.

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