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Mar 14

Lucky Gunner Ammo Deals

Lucky Gunner has announced their latest ammo deals, including rifle, pistol, rimfire, and shotgun ammunition. All sale prices are good through March 15, 2016. To take advantage of this ammunition sale, visit Lucky Gunner!  

Feb 05

Ammunition Supply

I love seeing the the ammunition supply maintained by other shooters. In this video, DevilDogVlogs gives us a look at his ammo supply. His supply includes Armscor and Aguila 22LR, Federal 7.62×51, PMC 9mm, Magtech, Corbon and Hornady 45ACP, Surplus and Wolf 5.45×39, Hornady and Federal 454 Casull, Hornady .223, and Winchester .410. I would say …

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Aug 18

Magtech 9mm Ammunition Test

A ballistic gel and chronograph test of MagTech First Defense 92.6-grain solid copper hollowpoint, and the MagTech Guardian Gold 115-grain +P JHP, and the MagTech Guardian Gold 124-grain JHP.